About us

At J'RAE we aim to always bring you carefully crafted quality pieces.
        Classic meets modern staple items that stand the test of time.
Garments that enhance your confidence without comprising your comfort. 
Our founder always says 
"The world can be crumbling all around me, but if I FEEL good and I look good to myself I feel like I can take on anything."
Its like our armor.
We cant control it all but we can control what we wear. 
When you look good you feel good.

Products aside 

At J'RAE our mission is all about positivity, passion, and inspiring one another to live their authentic truth.
We do our best to be the change we wish to see in the world while encouraging others to do the same.

J'RAE is an independent woman owned and founded startup who's focus is design/apparel as well as media.

But the BIGGEST thing that really made J'RAE happen was faith in ones self and ignoring outside noise.
Having faith in yourself
Believing in yourself
And realizing that YOU had the power all along
you just have to learn it for yourself.

We are so proud of the beautiful, well rounded, artistic community that we have already cultivated within our brand and are so excited for more.

We all have the power.
Will you see it for yourself?