Collection: The Finally V Plunge Bra

The ultimate deep V plunge bra
A timeless solution piece
Perfect for adding versatility & maximizing your outfit options
Conceal in low cut tops and plunging necklines or show off in mesh pieces
Dress it up or down. The rules are there are no rules.

Pairs perfectly with

 -Low cut tops
- Plunging necklines
- Sheer tops
- Mesh outfits
- Blazers
- Delicate material tops
- Special occasions (weddings, Proms, Banquets etc)
-Super comfy for any and all casual events as well

Up to DDD cup with more sizing coming soon

Comfort & Style are both equally as important

Never compromise looking good for feeling good again!

A Survivor Favorite

"As a breast cancer survivor I cant wear anything thats uncomfortable or pressing against my scar.
Since my surgery its hard to find a bra that doesn't obviously show that one breast is different than the other.
This bra eliminates all of those issues.
The Finally V plunge bra is best for comfort & gives me the extra confidence to wear whatever I want."
50 years old